The most cost efficient choice for upgrading LED

Fabricom undertakes complex industrial onshore and offshore services involving multidisciplinary competencies.

Combining our technical expertise together with the high quality Crouse-Hinds Ex eLLK92 light fitting – conversion to LED Kit we will provide The most cost efficient choice for upgrading LED

Fabricom is committed to performing services in the most effective, timely and cost competitive manner with the best products for the task.

70-80% time saving

4 hours normal replacement

10-25 minutes LED Kit replacement!

LED module:

  • Environmentally friendly, no mercury
  • Shock and vibration resistant, no filament or glass to break
  • Immediate start, instant full illumination
  • No life time reduction due to switch cycles
  • Reduced disposal cost
  • Reduced replacement cost

Enegry and cost saving

  • 20% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Additional energy savings due to operation on demand (night/day and precent mode)
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

For eLLK 92018/18 and 92036/36

Two generations

  • Production before 2009
    • EVG97… or EVG05…
  • Production 2009 or later
    • EVG09…

Operating life

  • Expected operating life of a Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED luninaire is 60 000 hours. This is a significant upgrade over traditional light sources, such as incandescent and HID
  • Heat sinks are specifically engineered to remove heat from the LEDs and driver to ensure lonker life, better lumen output and accurate colourtemperature
  • Shock and vibration resistant light source
  • Minimal early failures

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