The well connection A-05 was completed in a record speed of only five days.

Everyone involved demonstrated how good cooperation both internally and together with the M&M contractor can provide good deliveries which again will leave an impression on the bottom line, says Bente Alexandersen, Director for Drift Sør. She continues;

Good deliveries for a sensible price will always be important and is a major focus for the Company, but just as important we need to have an organization with engaged and motivated employees. Exactly this, I think will be decisive for this project.  The team has been able to create ownership to the task in a manner that makes it rewarding to participate. It generates positive energy for each participant and produces good achievements.

The project started in March and has during the five months planned the job offshore. The job was executed in five days in August. With an estimated daily production of 30 000 barrels of oil equivalents per well the sum quickly escalates if the down-time is reduced.

Sveinung Hoff Helgetun, assignment leader for Modification in Drift Sør has been leading the work. This is the first modification job done on Gudrun and therefore also the first job for Fabricom as M&M contractor on the platform. Sveinung mentions two things when he describes how they succeeded.

It is a cliché, but good planning is alpha omega. It is about the skill to see all possible scenarios of the task and finding the right solution. We succeeded in this by involving all the right internal units. My goal is that Statoil is able to make the M&M contractor good. By using competence and experience that exists in the company we facilitate room for Fabricom to do a good job. We are working together internally and the way Fabricom solved the job was excellent, said Sveinung Hoff Helgetun for MOD.

PS! On saturday 8th of November 2014 ENGIE Fabricom well connection team improved the execution time and managed to complete well connection for A-7 in less than four days.