Cofely Fabricom is a future oriented company with a strong focus on client commitment and innovative solutions. We are anchored in the GDF SUEZ Energy Services group and aim to optimize our distinctive competences and skills.

Monday 23 March, Senior Project Manager Paul Blaauw stepped into the role as Commercial Director. Paul has a vast commercial background, and will work to ameliorate our strategic communication with clients and potential new customers. He will also have the responsibility of creating coherent synergies between the companies in the Cofely Fabricom, Oil Gas and Power group, optimizing the use of competence we have in Norway, the Netherlands and UK.

“CEO, Stanley Maas, says that it is of paramount importance to constructively exploit the skills and expertise each branch has to offer within Upstream, Renewables and Downstream. Thus, a Commercial Director in place is long overdue”.

Assuring such an “avant-garde” long-term strategy is convalescing Cofely Fabricom´s outlooks, making the company intrinsically more competitive in market booms and bursts. The strategy is set to increase the company´s asset value, and more so, boost productivity in Norway and accross borders.