As a result of ENGIE Fabricom’s strategy for Norway we are pleased to announce the following changes in our management team.

A new CEO and a Business Development Manager will be recruited in Norway to support in the implementation of ENGIE’s renewable track record in the Scandinavioan market.

Kjell Arvid Torgersen will take over the role as COO for ENGIE Fabricom Norge and Jim Erling Birkeland will assume the role of VP Sales for ENGIE Fabricom Norge with immediate effect.

Kjell has a long experience in management and sponsor support to projects both onshore and offshore. His strong commercial and technical understanding together with a solid management experience will strengthen ENGIE Fabricom’s Norwegian operations. His strong focus on performance culture and quality will ensure client satisfaction and set the premises for further growth.

Jim Erling Birkeland has over 25 years of experiences working with project management and various management roles within construction, commissioning and completion. Jim Erling’s business understanding, strong commercial and technical understanding and ability to see the big picture in a practical way will strengthen ENGIE Fabricom’s sales effort and help the company seeking new opportunities. He will support the groups cross-country sales effort within different product lines and services.

ENGIE Fabricom Norway, Kanalsletta 3, Forus

ENGIE Fabricom Workshop, NorSea Dusavik Base, Stavanger