A drone is an increasingly popular tool in the energy sector thanks to its ability to operate in harsh or hard-to-reach environments where it may not be safe to deploy personnel.

Image from ENGIE Fabricom drone – Falcon 8

As a part of diversifying ENGIE Fabricom’s service range, this strategic alliance was signed in order to provide services like inspection of on- and offshore wind turbines, wind farm substations, solar photovoltaic systems, oil and gas pipelines, drilling rigs, production platforms, processing stations, cranes, flares and more.

The use of drones for inspection is both risk and cost reducing, and gives our clients increased quality and broader aspects of inspections. Drones can operate with lower operating costs than a manned aircraft, rope access, crane or scaffold while delivering superior data collection and imagery in live or captured formats.

We can provide all of the essential services required to facilitate the safe, reliable and cost-effective exploitation of offshore oil, gas and renewable energy assets. This is achieved by assigning the right people to the right job and by setting tailored SMART performance objectives to secure the competences.

Our drone services are well connected to a large and experienced engineering environment for handling inspection results and providing reports to our clients.

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE) has been and will be a fundamental aspect of our business. We have an excellent track record, meeting and exceeding current standards and regulations.

We offer licenced pilots, state of the art hardware, permits and insurances and experienced engineers.

Why climb, when you can fly!

For any inqueries please contact:

Linn Theresa Barka

Email: drones@engie-fabricom.no

Phone: +47 986 91 794

Kees Visser

Email: kees@dhas.nl

Phone: +31 642 20 40 60