ENGIE Fabricom in Norway is part of the Engie Group with more than 150,000 employees worldwide.

ENGIE Fabricom focuses on multi-disciplinary services and solutions for the Oil, Gas and Energy markets in Europe, and in particular the North Sea offshore region.

Consisting of companies in the UK, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, Fabricom International is a coherent operational unit positioned close to the North Sea and our customers.

The aim of the Group, which has a long history in the European market, is to act as a key player offering added-value onshore and offshore services and solutions to the Oil, Gas and Energy industry.

ENGIE Fabricom and the Fabricom International operating unit are part of ENGIE Energy Services, which employs 90,000 people with a turnover of €15 billion.

ENGIE is one of the leading energy providers in the world, active across the entire energy chain in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. The Group employs more than 150,000 people worldwide, with a turnover of €70 billion.